Substantive Change Determination Form

Greensboro College is required to report to SACSCOC any potential change that is deemed substantive.  In some cases prior approval is required by the Commission and in others, the College is required only to notify.

To ensure that we comply with this requirement, we ask that you complete the following form to determine if the change you are considering is "substantive."

This information will be email to the office of institutional research and assessment (OIRA).  The director of the OIRA will shepherded your request throught the determiniation process.  

 Dr. Paul Leslie, Senior Vice President, Chief Academic Officer is the SACSCOC Liaison on the Greensboro College campus.  It is Dr. Leslie who will make the ultimate determination regarding whether this matter is or is not a substantive change.

Originators of this form should not proceed with the project until a response is provided.  The response will provide clear indication of acceptable and appropriate next steps.

Thank youf for assisting the College in this matter.

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For information, below is the link to the SACSCOC Policy Statement for Substantive Change:


The Upload Files button below is where you will submit your information so it can be  evaluated to determine if it is a substantive change. You may also submit supporting documentation that you wish to have reviewed in conjunction with this request.


If you have any questions regarding this process, please call ext. 463.


Thank you!  (Don't forget to click the Submit button when you have completed your entries.)

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